Boudoir photography has been something I’ve been umming and arrhhing about for months. It fascinates and terrifies me at the same time. When done well boudoir photography can be breathtakingly beautiful. However there have been so many images I have seen that have unfortunately passed that very thin invisible line which I feel turns a could be beautiful image in to something a bit more (dare I say it) seedy.

Boudoir is meant to be a reviving empowering experience; it’s meant to give confidence without feeling too invasive. The beauty comes from the sensuality it portrays as well the female form, which in my opinion is a beautiful thing in itself.

Women have been objectified massively over the past couple of decades, which as a result has depicted a certain body shape all women try to adhere to (including myself I am sad to say) and then suffer all types of insecurities when it cannot be achieved.  Boudoir is a long way from the page 3 models you see in magazines, displaying themselves for everyone to see, it’s hints of stolen private moments for the eyes of very few.

All my boudoir packages include a session with a professional hair and make-up artist and a 2 hour private shoot at a Country house location.

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